Contract No. 65 — REASOX

Radiation effects on amorphous semiconductor oxides used for flexible and transparent microelectronics



Coordinating organization                                                                  

National Institute for Laser, Plasma,                                                                    

and Radiation Physics


Partner organizations

1. Institute of Space Science

2. National Institute of Materials Physics


Partners team leaders

Craciun Valentin                                                                       

National Institute for Laser, Plasma   and Radiation Physics         

Laser department,  Atomistilor 409, P.O. Box MG-23 Magurele-Ilfov   


1. Mogildea Marian

Institute of Space Science

Atomistilor  409, P.O. Box MG-23 Magurele- Ilfov  


2. Galca Aurelian-Catalin

National Institute of Materials Physics

Atomistilor 105 bis Magurele-Ilfov