Contract No. 65 REASOX

Radiation effects on amorphous semiconductor oxides used for flexible and transparent microelectronics


The effect of radiation (gamma, protons, and plasma bursts) on the properties of thin films of amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOS) used for flexible and transparent electronics will be studied. In the second stage of the research the AOS films will be incorporated in devices such as Schottky diodes, MOS capacitors and thin films transistors to evaluate the effect of radiation on devices characteristics, surface, interface and bulk states, and energy bands offsets. Bursts of highly ionized particles-high velocity expanding plasmas generated by specific targets irradiation with pulses from the 1 PW fs laser recently installed in the NILPRP will be used to irradiate electronic circuits containing AOS-based devices to simulate the effect of the solar wind on their behavior. This project will provide useful data, scientific insight, and a better understanding into the effects of radiation on AOS-based devices that could be used for outer space applications.